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Understanding Alimony

A Collective Approach to Family Law and Therapy in New Jersey

Divorce Attorney in Monmouth County

How August Landi Can Help You

We understand the emotional stress you and your family are going through when it comes to filing for a divorce. We aim to provide a comfortable atmosphere, so that you and your family can be at ease as we help navigate you through this trying time. With decades of experience in family law, you can be confident that our office can help you manage your divorce proceedings as smoothly as possible.

During your free initial consultation, we can explore several options available to help you manage your dispute. We recommend alternative methods available to resolve your dispute, so you can avoid the unnecessary stress of costly and contentious litigation. Our meetings will also focus on issues concerning children, maintenance of finances and most importantly, ways to resolve your dispute without intensive court involvement, unless necessary.

We can handle every aspect of divorce, including:

Our goal is to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We utilize the services of a certified family therapist on site. Our family therapist can provide you and your family with the emotional support they need during the divorce process.


Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information from our office, we are here for you!

We Have 50+ Years Of Experience

We've Handled 2,500+ Divorce Cases

We provides Free Case Consultations

We Offer Evening and Weekend Appointments Upon Request

We Prioritize The Well-Being Of Our Clients

We Provides Cost-Efficient Legal Services

August J. Landi
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