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  • The Rights of Unwed Fathers
    The Rights of Unwed Fathers

    What Rights Do Unmarried Fathers Have? Put simply, unmarried fathers do not have any legal rights to their children unless they take deliberate measures to establish paternity. When a child is born to ...

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  • Children of Divorce; Some Common Sense Rules of the Road
    Children of Divorce; Some Common Sense Rules of the Road

    Divorce is stressful for the entire family, especially for children. Children often lack the life experience and perspective that adults are able to marshal in a life crisis. Judges in the Family ...

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  • Parental Alienation
    Parental Alienation

    Parental alienation is at the core of a small subset of custody disputes. This is a developing area of New Jersey law. Until recently, a computer search of decisional law in New Jersey using the term ...

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  • Custody & Parenting
    Custody & Parenting

    When Parents Agree & Work Collaboratively If you and your spouse remain able to parent successfully and joyfully as you have in the past; and if your children are thriving personally and in school, ...

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