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Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence During the Divorce Process

By Law Office of August J. Landi |August 13, 2023

Protect Yourself by Acting Immediately

If you are in present danger or fear for your safety, do not stay where you are. It is imperative that you seek help as soon as possible if your spouse is physically, sexually, financially, or emotionally abusing you or your children, and there are several things you can do right now.

Connect with a Divorce Lawyer

When you establish contact with a divorce attorney in your area, you will receive counsel and insight regarding best practices for getting away from your abuser and protecting yourself and your children from further abuse. If you are concerned about being financially cut off by an abusive spouse or fear you may not be able to afford the representation you need, contact the Law Office of August J. Landi to discuss the potential for reduced rates.

Pursue a Civil or Criminal Restraining Order

Depending on the nature of the abuse, you may be able to obtain a criminal or civil restraining order against your spouse in order to ensure they do not attempt to follow you or abuse you after you leave them. A divorce attorney can help you take all the necessary steps to put a restraining order into effect quickly in order to keep you safe and allow you to begin rebuilding your life without fear of retaliation from your spouse or domestic partner.

Move to a Safe Location

Before leaving your spouse or domestic partner, be sure to gather all of the following:

  • Important financial, medical, and personal records

  • Necessary clothing and personal items

  • Valuables such as jewelry, electronics, etc.

  • Any current restraining orders in effect or records of past restraining orders

  • Records of unpaid bills

  • Medications and prescriptions

Also be sure to get a new cell phone with a new number, and make sure your spouse does not have this number. Once you move into a new apartment or home, take measures to install security cameras, outside lighting, an alarm system, etc. in order to deter your spouse from entering.

Finally, make it a point to talk to your employer (if applicable) about how to handle potential attempts by your spouse to garner information about you. Make sure they are aware of your situation and that they know what to do if your spouse calls or comes by looking for you.

Monmouth County Divorce Attorney Serving Domestic Violence Victims

At the Law Office of August J. Landi, I am committed to providing attentive, compassionate legal service for families in crisis and those in need of immediate help. I can help connect you to the right resources and help you make sure you take advantage of all the legal protections available to you during this time. Connect with me or a member of my team today and make me your Monmouth County divorce lawyer and get the representation you need.

Call my office at (732) 823-0022 or send a message to receive a free, confidential consultation today.

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