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Seeking a Child Custody Attorney?

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Monmouth County Child Custody Lawyer

Providing You with an Understanding of New Jersey Custody Laws

One of the most sensitive issues involved in a divorce case is the matter of child custody. If you do not have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side, this issue can quickly turn into a heated dispute and courtroom battle. August Landi understands exactly how the outcome of a child custody case can impact your entire life, as well as the relationship you currently have with your children.

This is why it is vital that you have a trusted Monmouth County divorce attorney on your side to ensure your interests are protected. Whether you are currently involved in a custody dispute or would like to avoid one, it is important that you act quickly to hire a lawyer who can help you protect your needs and pursue a fair agreement.

How is Child Custody Determined in NJ?

There are always a number of different factors involved when a judge makes a decision on a child custody case. For the most part, the court aims to do whatever is right for the child or children in question. There are two main custody arrangements which may be offered, which are joint custody and sole custody. When you and your spouse are willing to agree and work collaboratively, there are a number of different options you can explore rather than taking the matter to court. In the case that parents do not agree, there are also options such as co-parent counseling, custody mediation, and guardian ad litem.

The court may assess the following factors when making a decision about child custody:

  • The child's age

  • The child's gender

  • The child's physical health

  • The child's mental health

  • The child's education

  • Each spouse's lifestyle

  • Each spouse's schedule

  • Each spouse's health

  • The child's relationships with each spouse

  • Each spouse's financial security

Contact a Lawyer Who Cares

Please do not hesitate to contact the law firm now if you would like to discuss alimony payments and how it relates to your case! We can go over all of your options and help you find a method to move forward.


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