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Caring For Your Children Through Divorce

A Collective Approach to Family Law and Therapy in New Jersey

Children in Divorce Cases

Skilled & Trusted Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, you are likely aware that this decision will affect any children you might have. Although divorce is stressful for the entire family, it is typically most difficult on the children, who may not fully understand exactly what is happening. It is important that you understand how to talk to your children about your divorce, which the Law Office of August J. Landi can assist you with.

Team Approach With On-Site Family Therapist

You must remember that depending on their age, children may not have the perspective and life experience that you and your spouse and other adults have to manage in this type of life crisis. August J. Landi understands what you are currently going through and is dedicated to helping you and your family get through this difficult time, which is why he works with a family therapist to offer his clients and their children comprehensive emotional and legal support.

We can help you to navigate matters such as:

  • Child support

  • Child custody

  • Visitation rights

Providing You with Invaluable Legal Assistance

There are certain texts which may help you to talk to your children about divorce and help navigate the situation more smoothly. Many judges in the family courts recommend the book Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce by M. Gary Neuman, which has been said to be an incredibly valuable resource in the area of divorce. You may be able to use this book to discuss the way children of all ages handle separation and divorce.

Divorce Attorney August J. Landi understands that you may be concerned about losing your children, and your children may be experiencing the same feelings. We also often recommends sessions with a licensed professional counselor, a licensed social worker, or a skilled psychologist.


With more than 50 years of experience and thousands of divorce cases under our belt, we are experienced, sensitive and qualified to represent your case. Call us today.

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