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If you are in need of a monumentally skilled and experienced attorney to guide you through your case, look no further than a Monmouth County divorce lawyer at the Law Office of August J. Landi. We have over 50 years of experience helping clients and have handled more than 2,500 divorce cases. Check out what our past clients have had to say about our services and contact us today.


"Facing my divorce was, at best, very worrisome. August described the process and next steps."


“Divorce is a most frightening adventure. The process, at the beginning, looks like a series of attacks that there is no way to protect yourself from. August's knowledge and understanding of the process and of your rights is very effective in keeping you on track and prepared for what comes. You feel not that he is telling you what to do by rather what you can do to protect yourself and complete this unpleasant process with integrity, in control, aware of what is happening and facing the fact that at the end you still have control over your life and future and dignity.”

Darrell Dufresne


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